Our History

On October 16, 1988, tens of thousands of citizens stood in the rain and mud in Aranjuez and gave our founding leader, Mr Basdeo Panday, a mandate to form the United National Congress.


A few months later, the people gathered again, this time at the national Stadium in Port of Spain on April 30, 1989 – to formally launch our party.


The ideals of equality, justice and freedom became the guiding principles of the movement that Mr. Basdeo Panday founded.


The party that was created more than 30 years ago has become a national institution and is one of two major political parties in Trinidad and Tobago to survive beyond two decades. Our resilience is due to our firm commitment to people and to democracy.


Today, the UNC has expanded and matured into an organisation that has set the standard for progressive policies and people centred development.

Our evolution is characterised by equity, inclusivity and participation.


The United National Congress has produced two prime ministers in our short lifetime and our two governments were dedicated to performance and delivery throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


Today, the party is led by the visionary Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who served as Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago during the period 2010-2015.


What We Stand For

At the heart of it, we all want the same things; transparent and accountable governance, improved healthcare, more education and training opportunities and of course, a safer Trinidad and Tobago.

We want a society of true democracy exemplified by equal opportunities and justice for all.

We want a nation that prioritises human development and quality of life even as we strive towards economic advancement.


Our vision is of a transformed Trinidad and Tobago.


Our values are integrity, excellence, partnership, participation and responsiveness.


We believe in empowering citizens through education and skills development, promoting economic independence.


We believe in opportunity for all citizens, ensuring that citizens have the chance to become employed in sustainable, well-paying jobs.


We stand for progress and positive development of Trinidad and Tobago, through economic diversification, and the development of the innovative and creative potential of our people to engage in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


We believe in building a society based on meritocracy. 


We believe our diversity is our strength and when we are united we can move Trinidad and Tobago forward.


Together we will continue to build a nation proud of its diversity, with respect and love for all.


We are One Family, One Community, One People, One Nation.


The UNC’s Proud Record

The UNC, during its terms in Government, made significant strides in our nation’s economic development.


During the last administration, led by Kamla Persad-Bissessar, more than 55,000 jobs were created.  


We stabilized the economy, encouraged significant levels of foreign direct investment, and our economy was on a growth path.  


We brought crime levels down to the lowest in over three decades.


We improved health care delivery across the nation, expanded services and ensured that medicines were available in our health centres and hospitals.  We established the Children’s Life Fund to give critically ill children a chance at accessing life-saving medical care.


We delivered over 100 new schools.


We brought clean water supplies to 70% of the population and constructed hundreds of new roads and thousands of new homes.


We built drains and cleared watercourses. We provided sporting facilities and community training.


We invested in skills building, education and training programmes to equip our young people to aspire to jobs and the ability to perform them.